Bernd Martin

Guitar maker - luthier

This beautiful video "El Guitarrero - The making of a flamenco guitar ", about the work of Bernd and Lucas Martin was made by Ramus Tong in 2016. The movie was filmed in Granada and in the workshop of the two guitar makers.

In summer of 2018 Bernd Martin unfortunately died. The guitar world loses a wonderful person and magnificent luthier.
Bernd Martin built guitars for more than 40 years. For many years, his son Lucas and he worked together in the workshop.

Currently in stock and for sale:

Bernd Martin

Model 40th Aniversary

Special limited edtition of 8 guitars, Nr. 2
Top: spruce
Back/ sides: rosewood
Scale: 65 cm, year 2016
Scheller tuners, Titanium frets, French polish, Bam case

incl. VAT € 12,000.00

Bernd Martin

Luthier Guitar

top: spruce
back, sides: rosewood
scale: 65 cm, year 2015
French polish

incl. VAT € 7,500.00

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The following instrument, built by Bernd Martin, is in private hands and not for sale.

Bernd Martin Classical Guitar, spruce, rosewood, scale 65 cm, year 2013