Workshop - Guitar Repair-Shop, Guitar Construction, Guitar Service

We repair and improve all kind of guitars. Show us your instrument and we can say what work should be done and how much it would cost.

All our Instruments are checked and adjusted in our own workshop.

We are also able to optimize the action and playability of your guitar.

Days when repairs are done are currently Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, but guitars can be brought and picked up during all opening hours.

  • guitar-repair

    Guitar Repairs

    Sizing (glueing heads, cracks, bars and bridges), changing and repairing tuning-keys, fretting, and partial refretting

  • Guitar-Service

    Guitar Service

    Checking and improving the action, adjusting or making new nuts and saddles, leveling fretboards, dressing and shaping frets, adjusting necks, fitting pickup-systems in acoustic guitars, changing strings. All our instruments are adjusted in our own workshop.

  • guitar-construction

    Guitar Construction

    Our focus in guitar making is on classical guitars. Guitar maker Thomas Friedrich actually builts in his workshop mainly classical guitars. An impression of his work you can also find here: